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What feel of mattress should I choose?

What feel of mattress should I choose?

Your choice of mattress is a personal, subjective and intimate decision. We therefore want to offer you the freedom of customising your mattress. That is why we offer the 'Custom Feel' option so that you can personalise each layer of your Seraphic mattress.

We provide recommended "Feel" options for each of the mattresses based on the combinations that work very well for most people according to their expectations of "soft", "medium" and "firm".

Here are some tips if you want to custom pick mattress layers:

Soft Latex Feel

A 'Soft' density of latex as the top layer in a mattress allows your body to 'sink in'. Soft latex contours up around your body as well as accommodating hip and shoulder curves, giving a "cosy" feel. 'Very Soft' latex is often described as "like lying on a cloud" by people who like it. The thicker a mattress is, the softer the latex can be without risking 'bottoming out' (the sensation of feeling the bed base through the mattress).

A 20cm thick latex mattress can easily support one (or two) adults' weight even if each latex layer is soft density latex - this mattress would be described as feeling "very, very soft" by most people.

A 15cm mattress with all soft latex would feel very soft to children but heavier adults would feel frame pressure at shoulder and hip regions through the mattress. This is why we recommend medium and firm Seraphic 15 options - we don't want to people to feel uncomfortable. We can certainly make a soft Seraphic 15 if you're sure you want it - simply contact us for a special order.

Medium Latex Feel

Medium density latex as a top layer in a mattress contours moderately around body curves but also spreads weight out effectively. Most people like some medium latex layers in their Seraphic 15 or Seraphic 20 for the supportive yet cosy feel.

The Seraphic 15 can be made from all medium latex layers and easily support an adult's weight without pressure points. A Seraphic 20 made with all medium latex will feel similar but have significantly more 'depth' or 'give', often described as feeling "luxurious".

Firm Latex Feel

Firm density won't contour around your body much. As a top layer it compresses and relieves pressure at the hip and shoulder regions, spreading weight laterally very effectively. Firm latex mattresses feel supportive of body curves rather than 'tough' or 'rigid'.

An all firm Seraphic 10 will support most adults' weight without tough points at the hip, but feel compact and uplifting with little 'give' and even less 'bounce'. An all firm Seraphic 15 will also feel supportive and uplifting, but also have depth and 'give' when shifting and side sleeping.

Mattress Thickness

As a rule of thumb, the thicker the mattress the softer it will be if they are made from the same density of latex. For example, a 15cm medium latex mattress will feel softer and have more 'give' than a 10cm medium latex mattress. This is true up to the point where one's body weight is completely dispersed or 'spread out' by the latex. For example, there would be little difference between a 15cm mattress with all firm layers and a 20cm mattress with all firm layers, unless you are sensitive to the 'give' or 'play' that a very thick latex mattress provides.