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Futon Mattresses

Futons for the comfy feel, stable support and ultra-cosy bed experience that made Natural Beds famous.

Futon mattresses include raw carded cotton; a natural material that has been used over many centuries to make exquisite beds that are both fluffy and supportive. Modern futon mattresses add additional materials: latex for elastic support, and wool for better mattress breathability. Natural Beds also still offers the Traditional Futon of 100% cotton which - while very firm - makes an excellent 'roll out' bed.

Futons suit some people perfectly as a natural bed to sleep in every night. They have a very stable consistency that many people find is the most comfortable bed feel.

Modern Futons also make fantastic sofa beds. The natural materials are durable and flexible, ideal for folding into a sofa position for seating, then pulling out flat for sleeping. We suggest the Latex Wool on the Studio Settee Frame, and the Latex Core on the Siesta Sofa Bed Frame.

All the Natural Beds futons on this website are made with organic latex, organic wool and pure cotton. For futons supplemented with polyester and synthetic core materials please visit our 'sister company':