Latex Mattresses

Latex Mattresses

Organic, Pure, Completely Natural

Latex foam is made completely naturally from tree sap.

The Right Fit

We make mattresses that feel anything from very soft to very firm. Simply choose the feel and thickness that suits you best.

Your Perfect Mattress Feel

Our latex mattresses are very easy to make softer or firmer. Exchange latex layers with us and swap your preferred layers in.

Latex Feel

Soft latex mattresses need to be at least 15 centimeters thick to completely support adult body weight without pressure points. Soft latex foam compresses evenly: it's soft without sagging.

Medium latex foam also contours with body weight but with more elasticity and springiness. 15 centimeters of medium latex is often the optimum amount for comfortable contouring and optimum posture support.

Firm latex is densely elastic. It still contours to body shape, but quickly contains body weight. Just 10 centimeters of firm latex can be sufficient for adults, but 15 centimeters of firm latex has a bit more 'play' or movement and is usually more comfortable.

Quality in Everyway

New Zealand made

We make your mattress individually when you order. Every aspect needs to pass our quality control checks, from materials, to sewing and assembly, to completion.

Bespoke Mattresses

We can make a mattress that addresses your specific requirements, sleep preferences or sleep problems. Contact us to discuss your specifications.


All our standard size beds (standard single to super king sizes) come with a 7 night trial. We give full product cost refunds (full price except the cost of delivery to your address - we'll cover the cost of getting it back to us).

We offer a 14 night exchange, in case you want to change your Natural Beds mattress for a thicker or thinner one.

Exchanging latex layers is free for three months, no extra delivery charges.

We provide 10 year warranties on all latex mattresses, even custom sizes and special commission orders.

Eco-Latex Video

Certified Organic, Ethical and Sustainable

Natural Beds latex mattresses use 100% organic latex that we import directly from EcoLatex (Sri Lanka) and Heveya (Indonesia). These plantations are certified organic and they grow the rubber trees sustainably.

Here is a promo video from EcoLatex, the Sri Lankan rubber tree plantation and organic latex foam processing facility.

Latex advantages

100% Natural and Organic

Latex is completely non-toxic and safe to sleep on.

Extremely Durable

The latex foam itself will last for decades and retain its density and shape.

Easy to Customise

We are able to make your mattresses to your precise comfort and support preferences.

Cool in Summer, Warm in Winter.

Latex, wool, cotton and bamboo are all naturally breathable. With the appropriate duvet for the season, quilted wool maintains a consistent sleep temperature by regulating heat throughout the mattress and dispersing humidity.

Exceptionally Comfortable

No more pressure point problems: latex has exceptional weight support properties.

Seamless Contouring

No springs and no plastic means perfect contouring whether you prefer a soft or firm feel.