Latex Mattresses

Why Latex? 

Natural and Organic

Latex is a natural material, completely non-toxic and safe to sleep on.

Extremely Durable

The latex foam itself will last for decades and retain its density and shape. 

Cool in summer and warm in winter

Latex, wool, cotton and bamboo are all naturally breathable materials. With the appropriate duvet for the season, quilted wool maintains a consistent sleep temperature by regulating heat throughout the mattress and dispersing humidity.

Exceptionally Comfortable

No more pressure point problems: latex has great weight support properties and support and contour your body whether you prefer soft, medium or firm feel.

Eco-Latex Video

Certified Organic, Ethical and Sustainable

We use 100% organic latex certified by GOLS (Global Organic Latex Standard) that we import directly from EcoLatex (Sri Lanka) and Heveya (Indonesia) from their sustainable plantations. 

This is a video from EcoLatex, the Sri Lankan rubber tree plantation and organic latex foam processing facility.