The Advantages of Natural Beds

Seraphic 20 and Classic Frame in Java (King Size) Seraphic 20 and Classic Frame in Java (King Size)

Natural Beds have performance, comfort and durability features not found in spring mattresses.

Customisable Design

The Seraphic mattresses are made so that the feel and density can easily be changed 'on the fly'. Simply unzip the quilted cover, take a given layer of latex out, and add a different feeling layer. The process is very straight forward, and the feel of the mattress can quickly be significantly changed.

Breathable, Washable Covers

The Seraphic and Dorsal range have zip-off covers. The Dorsal mattresses have 100% cotton covers with carded cotton quilting. These covers can easily be cold machine washed. The Serpahic covers have quilted wool which would shrink if machine washed, however they can be dry cleaned without shrinking. Both cotton and wool make excellent quilted covers due to their insulative, breathable and comfortable qualities.

Natural Materials

  • Latex foam: innate posture support; exceptional durability; contouring at any density, 100% organic, healthy and safe
    • Does not get hot or restrictive like Tempur or memory foam
    • Does not loose support or sag like spring mattresses
    • Is not stiff and ridged like coconut coir
  • Carded cotton: 100% natural; stable, gentle, firm support; fresh and dry throughout the year
  • Organic wool: excellent temperature and humidity regulating properties, excellent performance durability
  • Natural cover fibers: strong, breathable fabrics that are healthy and safe

Read more about natural materials in our article dedicated to it.

Individually made to order with fastidious quality control

Natural Beds products are made in our Oratia workshop on the verge of Auckland and the Waitakere Ranges.

Natural Beds futon and latex mattresses are assembled by hand by one of our specialist mattress makers. Each mattress component is checked and our quality control processes ensure each mattress has no faults.

Our carpenters machine mill the timber slat bed parts, apply the natural Haarlem oil durable finish or colour finish, and craft the pieces into 'slot-together' components. All Natural Beds frames are made from New Zealand sustainably grown forests.

Customer Service from professional bed crafters

We love our beds and know why, because we make them. Our enthusiasm for sleep perfection means that our sales priority is to find the best bed for each and every person that enquires with us, not just move stock. We'll take budget, comfort preferences and your unique requirements into consideration if you'd like us to help you choose a bed.