Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress

Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress

20 cm of latex support - in three customisable layers - wrapped in quilted wool and your cover choice.

  • Seraphic 20cm Organic Latex Matteress by Natural Beds
    Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress (Bamboo Cover, King Size)
  • Inner layers of the Seraphic 20cm Organic Latex Mattress
    The three sleaved layers of latex in a Seraphic 20 mattress
  • Natura Collection - Seraphic 20, Riva Macrocarpa, Heveya Pillows (King Size)
    Natura Collection (King Size): Seraphic 20 (Bamboo Blend Cover), Riva (Macrocarpa Timber), Heveya Pillows
  • Seraphic 20 on Classic with Java Stain, King Size


King Single




Super King

Organic Cotton & Bamboo

Very Soft





  • 5cm Layer

    Soft Latex
  • 10cm Layer

    Medium Latex
  • 5cm Layer

    Firm Latex

Substantial, Deep and Comfortable

The most popular Seraphic 20 combination

  • 5cm of soft latex with a fluffy and light feel, which smoothly curves and contours to body shape. Cosy and plush feel.
  • 10cm of medium latex with a springy and elastic feel, that supports and contours to body weight. Springy supportive feel.
  • 5cm of firm latex feels densely elastic, and has a responsive resistance to body weight. Flexible uplifting feel.

Any of these three layers can be arranged on top to adapt the feel of this mattress. The top layer latex density gives the surface feel of the mattress. The layers underneath give body shape contouring and weight support.

Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress (Queen Size, Organic Cotton & Bamboo Cover, Medium Feel)