Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress

Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress


Three layers of latex provides great support and comfort

20 cm of Organic Latex to create your perfect feel

  • Natura Collection - Seraphic 20, Riva Macrocarpa, Heveya Pillows (King Size)
    Natura Collection (King Size): Seraphic 20 (Bamboo Blend Cover), Riva (Macrocarpa Timber), Heveya Pillows
  • Seraphic 20 on Classic with Java Stain, King Size
  • Seraphic 20cm Organic Latex Matteress by Natural Beds
    Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress (Bamboo Cover, King Size)
  • Inner layers of the Seraphic 20cm Organic Latex Mattress
    The three sleaved layers of latex in a Seraphic 20 mattress


King Single




Super King

Organic Cotton & Bamboo





  • 5cm Layer

    Soft Latex
  • 5cm Layer

    Medium Latex
  • 10cm Layer

    Firm Latex

Comfortable with a supportive feel

The most popular Seraphic 20 combination

  • 5cm of soft latex which curves and contours to body shape.
  • 5cm of medium latex with a springy feel that supports and contours to body weight.
  • 10cm of firm latex with a supportive and uplifting feel.
Seraphic 20 Organic Latex Mattress (Super King Size, Bamboo Cover, Medium Feel)