Natural Beds Guarantees, Warranties and Promises

You can rely on our comprehensive guarantees

We manufacture Natural Beds in Oratia, Auckland. These days most of our customers buy online without physically trying a bed, but we also invite you to try our beds at our showroom. We will deliver and set up you bed ourselves in Auckland, or will deliver direct to your door by using nationwide furniture and freight companies. Our mattresses and beds are designed to be light to move and easy to setup. We provide several guarantees about the quality and performance of our beds so that you can order from us with absolute confidence.

Satisfaction Guarantee (otherwise known as the Seven Day Trial)

We promise you'll be completely satisfied with your Natural Beds mattress or frame purchase. You have 7 days to sleep on your bed and decide if you want to keep it. We will fully refund the purchase price of any product as long as you've ordered a standard size (not a special 'custom dimension' order). We will also cover the cost of any freight back from your delivery address. The only risk to buying online is the cost of delivery to your address.

We often make special sized mattresses - we absolutely guarantee the manufacturing quality but we do not offer a 7 day trial on these orders. Please ensure you provide us with the correct dimensions when you order a special size. We also encourage you to confer with us about what you can expect in terms of performance, softness and support from the inner materials.

Quality Guarantee

We provide a ten year warranty on all latex mattresses (even special and custom dimension orders). Our organic latex will not sag, soften or change density. The wool and cotton quilted cover may compress marginally (pure wool will felt and pure cotton settles), but this will not affect the feel of the mattress at all. We guarantee the manufacturing of our fabric, sewing, assembly and material integrity.

We also provide a ten year warranty on all timber frames (even special and custom dimension orders). Our frames are built out of solid timber and - with normal care - will last decades. We guarantee our frames manufacturing quality including timber strength, carpentry, hardware and assembly integrity. Our frames are easy to put together yourself and will stay strong and stable for at least 10 years.

We provide a five year warranty on all our futon mattresses (even special sizes). Our futons are all professionally hand made and so they will not have perfectly straight edges. Real cotton futon mattresses will gradually settle and compress over about 10 years. We guarantee the construction and crafting quality of all our futons including the materials, hand tufting and layer consistency.

Seraphic Exchange Promise

Seraphic mattresses have layers of latex that can vary in density or 'feel'. All Seraphic mattresses come with a three month exchange period on these layers. The overall feel of a Seraphic mattress can be completely changed by exchanging layers to a different density.

Reconditioning Mattresses

Although we often recover mattresses and recondition futons, we do not provide a warranty on this work. This is because of the variable quality of the used materials. We cannot promise that the inner materials in a used mattress will continue to retain their shape and support after we put a new cover on.

Having said this, second-hand futons that are in good condition can usually be significantly improved with additional cotton.

Natural latex mattresses often last decades without sagging before the cover wears out. Often the latex layers are absolutely fine to re-cover and continue using.


We'd like to help you get the best, most comfortable and most suitable bed according to your preferences and sleep requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions about any aspect of our products or what you may expect from sleeping on specific kinds of mattresses.

With our mattresses making experience and having answered hundreds of questions about all kinds of beds we are well placed to advise on different sleeping scenarios.


Our guarantees more than promise the quality of our products, they are designed to provide openness about product expectations to help you choose the right bed for you.