Personalising the feel of a Seraphic Latex Mattress

Here are some quick tips if you want to custom pick mattress layers:

Soft Latex Feel

  • A 'Soft' density of latex as the top layer in a mattress allows your body to 'sink in'. A soft layer under a firmer layer gives 'contouring support' without as much 'sink in'.
  • Soft latex contours up around your body as well as accommodating hip and shoulder curves, giving a "cosy" feel.
  • 'Very Soft' latex is often described as "like lying on a cloud" by people who like it.
  • The softer the latex is the thicker the mattress must be to avoid 'bottoming out' (the sensation of feeling the bed base through the mattress).
    • A 20cm thick mattress made with extra soft latex should have enough support and depth for those people who like very, very soft mattresses.
    • A 15cm mattress with all soft latex would feel very soft to lighter weight people but heavier people may feel the frame through the mattress.

Medium Latex Feel

  • Medium density latex as a top layer in a mattress contours moderately around body curves but also spreads weight out effectively.
  • Most people like at least one medium latex layer in their Seraphic 15, and usually two in a Seraphic 20, for the supportive yet cosy feel.
  • The Seraphic 15 with at least 10cm of medium latex (and 5cm of softer or firmer latex) should provide ample support without tough pressure points or 'bottoming out' on the frame. A Seraphic 20 made with similar density latex will have more give or "luxuriousness".

Firm Latex Feel

  • Firm density won't contour around your body much. As a top layer it holds the body up off the mattress.
  • An extra firm Seraphic 10 has a compact, springy feel due to the the elastic resistance of the extra firm latex.