What is latex?

What is latex?

Latex is the sap or 'milk' of the rubber tree. To extract the latex, a sliver of bark is hand cut from the trunk of the rubber tree, and the milk is sustainably 'tapped' into a cup. This labour intensive process results in one or two cups of milk per tree per day. 

Here at Natural Beds we import organic latex foam of outstanding purity from a Sri Lankan sustainably-grown rubber plantation and latex foam manufacturer called EcoLatex. No pesticides are used on the trees and no synthetics are used in manufacturing.

This organic latex foam is made with a modern Dunlop method where a precise amount of latex milk is foamed with carbon dioxide, vacuum expanded to a foam of a given density, then temperature cured into layers of elastic foam.

EcoLatex has several organic, ethical and sustainability certifications including Global Organic Latex Standard, Forest Stewardship Council and Fair Rubber.

Organic latex foam is non-toxic, unappealing to dust mites (which can cause of sleep allergies), resistant to mold and mildew, as well as being the best performing and most environmentally friendly bed material available.