Who are "Natural Beds"?

Who are "Natural Beds"?

We are a team of seven permanent staff who hand-craft beds. We specialise in beds that are sustainable, healthy, long-lasting, supportive and - above all - amazingly comfortable. We are unique in making bespoke beds, customised for individual sleep requirements. We sell directly to people across New Zealand. Natural Beds is a sister company of Futonz with an emphasis on organic and natural materials. Our mission is to bring you the best sleep experience based on your personal requirements.

The owner and operator of Natural Beds, Ralph Behrens, started making natural Japanese mattresses in 1983 at the first futon manufacturer in Australia, and in 1987 brought the ethos and knowledge back to New Zealand. Starting with pure cotton mattresses, Ralph then incorporated wool to produce mattresses that suit New Zealand's climate very well, by regulating humidity. Continuing to research and innovate, Ralph developed a latex mattress range based on 100% natural latex (foamed rubber) with wool and natural fabrics. Ralph has continued to research and innovate, sourcing natural sunflower foam from Italy as the most sophisticated natural option for mattress comfort and support. Natural Beds is the exclusive New Zealand importer of Lalan Organic Eco-Latex, a plantation that does not fell native jungle, grows rubber trees sustainably and organically, and pays their employees a fair wage.

We manufacture here in Oratia, Auckland, with our experienced and committed team of mattress crafters, carpenters and our valiant seamstress. If you contact Natural Beds you'll be writing or speaking with someone with hands on experience making (and sleeping on) natural mattresses and timber frames.

Your quality of sleep really is the reason we get up and make beds.To this end we are happy to answer questions, offer advice, provide bed trials and exchanges in order that you have the most enjoyable, relaxing and rewarding experience possible when choosing a quality bed. We back this up with comprehensive guarantees, and we're also flexible about meeting your personal requirements and delivery arrangements.

Please contact us, we'd love to help you get your perfect bed.